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Welcome to the homepage of artist Erin Allen. Here, artwork as well as potential business opportunities are showcased, especially commissioned portraits.

I am primarily a portrait artist, with distinct leanings to the fantastical as well as a penchant for painting music makers. My muse is fueled by music and the worlds created by authors and the illustrators who have inspired me to become a painter. Without them, I could not create. My key ambition is to take the inspiration granted me, and to funnel it into my work and in turn give inspiration to another.

With a keen interest in book and album covers, I strive to carve out a career for myself interpreting, enhancing and embodying my inspiration. In addition my love for animals has prompted me to expand my repetoire to include portraits of people's beloved pets.

I have also taken to designing and creating one of a kind leather handbags, as well as other leather crafts.

I currently reside in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada

Please send all comments or inquiries regarding commissions to